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Communication plays an important role during cooporation

Apr 01, 2021

Communication play an important role in business, we had a 6 million order tree years ago.  It is a French company owning offices in Xiamen. They fund us on the Internet, and come to our company to see samples; we offer many kinds of wiper blades, so I took them to our showroom to find what they need, because they are looking for a special adapter. But this kind adapter we do not have now then we have to develop a mold to produce adapters. So they discuss with our boss to see whether we have a opportunity to cooperate or not, unfortunately, our boss did not have time, so I took them had lunch.

We talked very happy during the meal, when I wanted to pay the bill but I found I forgot my wallet. However they paid it by themselves and said if we have a chance to work together, there will be a lot of chance to have meal together.

In fact, they feel a little uncomfortable for they came to our company and wait for a long time. We discuss happily in the afternoon when our boss back. I privately told the it to my boss. And then we drove to another factory to meet the customer and our boss always be with us. Finally we give a good impression to the guests!

Although they did not satisfied with the factory, they told me that they really want to do business with us. Therefore we began to discuss the new project.

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