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Why are my wiper blades dirtying the windshield?

October 21 , 2022

We often think of wiper blades only when we need them when it rains or snows. There is nothing more annoying than turning on the wiper but it making the glass dirtier. This may be annoying, but it is also a serious safety issue: if your windscreen wiper does not clean the windshield well, you may not be able to see other cars, pedestrians, signs and road obstacles clearly. The worst result is an accident.


Potential causes and repair methods

Trailing, streaks and water stains are symptoms of poor wiper performance. If your wiper blades are old, dry, fragile or damaged, it is time to replace them with new ones. However, if you have recently replaced them but still have these problems, the potential causes and solutions are as follows:


1. The windshield is always dirty.

If your windshield is always dirty, every time you open the wiper, the wiper blades will work harder and will be damaged. Remember to clean the windshield when refueling, it will give you a new experience. Even the windshield outside the wiping area should be kept clean.


2. The windshield wiper blade is too dirty.

Your wiper blades also need to be cleaned. Wiping them often will make them more efficient and prolong their life


3. The windshield is cracked.

 Damage to the windshield surface will cause the windshield to be not smooth enough, which will wear the rubber blade of the wiper and reduce its wiping performance. Reasonably repair the windshield with cracks.


4. Worn windshield.

Under a microscope, its surface appears almost porous. A worn windshield not only wears down the windshield wiper rubber more, but also interferes with the wiper's work. If the damage is severe enough, it may be time to replace the windshield.


5. Wipe the wiper dry.

Every time your wiper blades slide past the dry windshield, they will be damaged. Water acts as a lubricant, allowing the blade to easily slide through the glass and scrape away water and insects. The use of blades when the windshield is almost dry, such as removing fog or salt mist from the windshield, may also cause damage. Before opening the windshield wiper, use the windshield washer to wet the glass and dispose of anything you may not want the wiper blade to drag.


These steps sometimes take a little time to complete, but they are worth it if they can improve your vision and extend the performance and life of the wiper blades.

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