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Do you know the science and technology behind wiper blades?

October 14 , 2022

Do you know what material the wiper blades are made of? How are wipers made, and how do wiper blade manufacturers balance wiper performance, durability, and cost?


While a wiper blade may seem like a simple accessory, there's a lot of thought and science behind the construction and design of this humble wiper blade.


So, what are car wipers made of? What coating was used?


Natural or synthetic rubber?


Our windshield wipers use natural rubber, which has good performance in heat aging and overall UV, ozone and tear resistance. In cold conditions, natural rubber outperforms synthetic rubber.


About the most important coatings


Regardless of the material chosen, both natural and synthetic rubber will slowly deteriorate over time due to heat, UV radiation, oxygen and ozone.


One way to solve this problem is to add coatings. Not only does the coating reduce the friction between the blade and the windshield, it also maintains wipe quality and reduces noise throughout the life of the blade.


Our windshield wipers are coated with Teflon, which has excellent heat and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and quiet wiping.


As one of the most experienced car wiper supplier in China, we recommend replacing wipers at least every 12 months upon any signs of wear that lead to loss of wiping effectiveness.

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