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How many do you account for these 6 bad habits that hurt your car in winter?

November 04 , 2022

The winter is coming, not only people should pay attention to maintenance, but also the car. It seems that the antifreeze, glass water, and heating system must be checked again. If the car is not maintained in winter, it is easy to cause damage. Some bad car habits may also cause damage to your car as following:


01 The car does not stop and hangs in reverse gear


It is necessary to stay in neutral for 3 seconds after the vehicle has stopped, so that the gears that are about to be contacted are stationary to smoothly engage the reverse gear. If the reverse gear is not stopped, it may cause the reverse gear to hit the gear and damage the transmission.


02 Turn the steering wheel in place


Although turning the steering wheel on the spot will not cause damage to the components in a short time, it will increase the wear of the tires, thereby shortening the service cycle of the tires. It is recommended not to be frequent. If the steering wheel feels heavy when driving, it is best to check if there is any oil leakage in the pipeline and replace it in time, otherwise it is likely to pay a lot of money to replace the booster pump.If the steering wheel is not correct after reversing into the warehouse, returning the steering wheel, and turning the steering wheel in place in this case will not cause substantial damage to the vehicle, which is a normal operation.


03 Refuel when the fuel tank bottoms out


There are always some lazy drivers who like to wait for the fuel warning light to come on before looking around for gas stations. However, the fuel pump of the EFI vehicle relies on the fuel itself for cooling. If the fuel level is too low, the fuel pump may overheat or even burn out. In the long run, the life of the oil pump of the car may be greatly reduced.Correct way: I suggest that riders try to add fuel in time when there are 2 grids of fuel left in the fuel gauge to ensure that the fuel pump is fully cooled to prolong its service life.


04 Use boiling water to pour the frozen front windshield glass


Many car owners may have experienced such a scene in winter: when they get up in the morning and prepare to drive to work, they find that the front window glass of their car has ice, which seriously affects their eyesight. Those who are patient may find tools to shovel off the ice a little bit, while players with a temper and irritability may find boiling water and pour it directly on it.

In my opinion, the above two methods are not advisable, because this kind of situation will damage scratches, paint surface, and may cause glass explosion in severe cases.Recommendations for correct operation: Chemical thawing. There is a special deicing and snow spray for sale, which is specially designed to thaw the icy windshield and wiper blades. When the low temperature is below -30C, the ice can be easily removed to prevent the windshield and the water from freezing, and the surface of the vehicle body will not be damaged. Of course, some people say that I don't want to spend this money, there are ways to save money, but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive First, it is recommended to use warm air for deicing. It is Kaizi, when the water temperature of the engine rises, the ice layer of the glass is melted by blowing with warm air. The second is to keep the temperature inside and outside the car consistent. Don't lock the car immediately, open the door for ventilation, wait for the temperature inside the car to drop to the outside temperature (probably), and then turn on the power, and use the water vapor on the windshield. Brush again, this time, close the door again, lock the car.The next morning, even if it snows, just remove the snow from the windshield, there is no ice under the snow, and you can drive immediately


05 Overheating


In winter, the temperature is low, and some people like to idling to warm up the car, which is actually unnecessary; and if the time is too long, it will increase the generation of carbon deposits in the engine.The correct way to warm up the car is recommended: after ignition, wait for the speed to drop to the normal idle speed (usually 30-60 seconds), hang in a low gear, keep the speed not exceeding 2000 rpm, and drive at a low speed until the water temperature rises. , because this will cause irreversible wear to the engine and transmission.


06 Force the sprinkler to work


When the temperature is low in winter, the water nozzle is frozen, and the owner should not force the glass water. This will only suffocate the water pump. You can wait for the car to start, the temperature of the car comes up, and the frozen water nozzle freezes before spraying water. The same is true for the car wiper blade. The frozen windshield wipers cannot achieve the desired cleaning effect, and it will also damage the wiper itself. In addition, it is recommended that you choose an anti-freeze wiper water when choosing a wiper water. According to your local temperature, choose the amount of wiper water to prevent freezing. Now there are wiper water below zero, wiper fluid with minus 10 degrees, and wiper water with minus 25 degrees.

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