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Do you know the "horizontal line" on the car rear windshield function?

September 30 , 2022

1.Electric heating to clean fog and frost.


In winter, there is a temperature difference inside and outside the car, and the rear window is easy to fog up. Even in snowy days, there will be snow on the rear windshield. Therefore, this line is not a decorative line, but a resistance wire.


The function of these resistance wires is to eliminate fog or frost by heating, to ensure that the driver can clearly see the situation behind while driving, and avoid accidents caused by this. After all, when we reverse or brake, we need to see the rear of the car from there to avoid some accidents.


Note that it should be used together with the car defrost button, it is recommended not to use too long, long time heating may make the glass over the load, and even may lead to broken glass


2.Receive radio signals.


Except heating, another function is to receive radio signals. Among these heating wires, there will be several rows of vehicle-mounted media antennas, generally several rows on the upper end of the glass, to receive radio signals, because they are arranged in a mesh in the glass, which has a long service life, is not easy to break, and has good signal reception. Features.


The principle here is the same as the shark fins on the top of the car we talked about before. The shark fins can enhance the signal in the car and are used as antennas. It is not very convenient for a car to erect an antenna on the roof, and there is a safety risk, the designers designed the antenna in the rear window during design, which is both safe and ensures the signal quality in the car.


To sum up, first, be careful not to turn on the resistance heating for too long, and control it to about 5 minutes to avoid the glass from bursting.Second, these horizontal lines are pasted on the rear windshield, try not to stick car film in these places, or do not tear it off when washing the car.


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