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How to solve the abnormal noise of the wiper blade?

December 02 , 2021

The abnormal noise of the wiper makes people sound uncomfortable and severely affects the driving mood. So how to solve it?

The following solutions are for your reference:

1. If it is a new wiper blade, it is recommended to check whether there is dirt or oil stains on the glass. It is recommended to clean the glass with a cleaning fluid or replace it with a new one. If there is still a noise, use pliers or the like to adjust the angle of the car universal windshield wiper blade. It is recommended to go to the repair shop to debug with a dedicated worker.

2. The sound of the windshield wiper blades is mostly caused by the wrong angle of the wiper arm, which causes the wiper blade to jump on the windshield, causing abnormal noise. If the wiper blade is normal, the angle of the wiper arm needs to be adjusted, and the wiper blade should be perpendicular to the windshield plane.

3. You can get the pliers to get it yourself, put a rag on the head of the wiper arm, pinch it with the pliers, break it hard, try to make the wiper blade perpendicular to the windshield plane. Or simply go to the repair shop to adjust it.

4. The wiper blade itself may cause abnormal noise of the wiper blade. The wiper blade is a rubber product. After a period of use, it will show aging and hardening conditions. It is more noticeable in winter. If it is not clean, the simplest and most useful solution is to directly replace the new wiper blade.

5.The sound of the wiper connecting rod bushing conflict announcement. As the car ages for a long time, the wiper linkage mechanism will show aging, the elasticity of the wiper arm spring will decrease, and the bush will wear and even fall. Please check wiper arm or wiper connecting rod bushing.

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