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Six key points of choosing wiper

July 21 , 2021

According to some safety surveys, the accident rate of driving in rainy days is caused by the aging of wiper blades and is several times higher than usual. On the one hand, the frequency of wiper use is quite high, especially in rainy areas, the use number of Universal wiper blades will be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands every year; On the other hand, the working environment of the wiper blade is very bad, facing high temperature exposure, cold winter, dust, acid rain, corrosion and wind erosion, so the working life of the wiper blade is also very limited.

Wiper purchase tips:

The wiper blade is divided into two structures: metal wiper and beam wiper.

A metal wiper is a traditional wiper with a metal bracket; Beam wiper, that is, no metal bracket. The main difference between the two is in the working pressure: the Metal Wiper Blade is difficult to bear greater pressure. If the glass surface is larger (longer wiper more than 24 inches) or the mirror curvature is smaller (flat wiper), the beam wiper corresponding to the wiper arm pressure should be selected; The glass surface is small (long wiper is less than 24 inches), and metal wiper is suitable.

There are six main points:

1.Find out which specification of wiper blade your car uses. You can refer to the manual attached to the car to see the wiper model indicated above. Generally speaking, the wiper blades for most vehicles will be sold together with the metal strut, and rarely sold alone. If you can't figure it out, ask the assistant of the parts store to help you identify it.

2.Pay attention to whether the way the strut is connected to the wiper rocker arm matches, because some of the struts are fixed to the rocker arm with screws. Remember to pay attention

3.Check the rubber strip of the wiper. Touch the new rubber strip with your fingers to see if there is any hand cutting or damage, and bend the rubber sheet to test the elasticity of the rubber material. If the rubber surface is damaged or has cracks, it does not meet the standard. It belongs to poor quality wiper.

4.In the test, put the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper at different speeds maintains a certain speed. Especially in the intermittent working state, pay attention to whether the wiper blade keeps a certain speed when moving.

5.Check the scraping state and whether there is uneven swing or missing scraping of the scraping strut. In case of the following three conditions, the wiper blade is unqualified. The swing is not smooth and the wiper does not jump normally. The contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface can not fully fit, resulting in wiping residue.

6.When testing the wiper motor, pay attention to whether the wiper motor has abnormal sound, or corrosion, stuck condition during operation. If the wiper motor has the above condition and does not operate, turn off the wiper switch immediately to avoid motor burning. It shows that this kind of wiper motor does not meet the standard and is not in the range of selection.

Every car deserve a pair of good wiper blade.

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