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What should I do if the wiper is frozen on a snowy day?

July 21 , 2021

To prevent the Metal Wiper Blades from being frozen, the first thing to do is to warm up the car, and then shovel the snow from the car body and glass. During the period of shoveling the snow, the engine is almost hot. At this time, enter the car, turn on the warm air, set the front windshield mode, turn on the rear windshield to heat, and the ice and snow will melt in a few minutes.

Tips: Use raw onions to wipe your car windows and Windshield Wiper Blades the night before the frost. This weird little tip will keep your car away from frost, fog, and freezing.

Another way to avoid freezing is to cover the windshield with a rubber bath mat.

At present, there is a spray deicing agent on the market. It is a high-speed anti-icing spray concentrate designed to thaw frozen car windows and Wiper Blades. It does not damage the surface of the car body and can prevent re-freezing and staining. It can easily remove ice and snow, and at the same time, it can prevent the windshield and water from freezing, without damaging the surface of the car body, and the glass is smooth and clean after cleaning, without leaving streaks.

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