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Troubleshooting of non spraying water in automobile wiper blade and washer

August 27 , 2021

What if the car sprinkler doesn't spray water? Don't panic. Let's share the troubleshooting when the car sprinkler doesn't spray water.

Note: first, check whether the glass water is not filled in time

The electric windshield sprinkler is composed of automobile water spray switch, liquid storage tank, motor, water delivery pipe, nozzle and other components.

01 washer motor does not operate

After pressing the windshield washer button, if the washer motor does not rotate, the fuse is good.

The fault reason is: open circuit between the power lead of the fuse box and the washer motor; There is an open circuit between the control lead of the washer button switch and the washer motor; Brush damage or motor lead open circuit; The control switch lead is open circuit and the contact is damaged.

02 the scrubber operates, but the water spray is weak or does not spray

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