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Three "hidden functions" of car wipers

August 27 , 2021

There are three "hidden functions" of car wipers. Many people don't know when the car is scrapped. It's a pity

The windshield wiper blade on the car is running like a person's two arms. The driver will help you remove the obstacles on the windshield and don't let the obstacles affect the line of sight of the car. In this way, the driver can stop without cleaning, especially on the highway. If there are no special circumstances, he can't stop suddenly. Do you know the hidden function of the wiper blade with the same two arms? I know these are more convenient for driving at ordinary times. Today I'll help you find out the secret. There are three "hidden functions" of Car Windshield Wipers. Many people don't know when their cars are scrapped. It's a pity.

Many people will have some small accidents during their daily travel, such as bumping into each other and contacting other vehicles. These may happen. The main reason is that the owners are not used to driving, so they can't clearly judge the distance between their car and other objects.

First, infer the position of the tire with the help of the wiper blade. Experienced old drivers can use the wiper blade to judge the position of the car's tires. If there are small holes or small stones in front, they can close the protruding places of the wiper blade. The tires can definitely avoid these small obstacles. Don't worry, the tires will burst and the car will shake violently. Many old drivers were stunned when they heard this. I also know that this effect is great.

Second, side parking. Sorry, when I finally found the parking space, the drawing of the parking space was too small. There were cars in front and behind. It took time and energy to park completely in the parking space. It might be more comfortable to use the wiper blade. Generally speaking, when the intersection of the right wiper coincided with the line beside the road, it was the best time to rotate the steering wheel. After the car bodies were arranged, The distance between the right wheel and the roadside is about 10cm.

Third, it is difficult to judge the position of the car body. It is difficult to correctly judge the personal feeling of the car body. Sitting in the car, the distance between the car body and the surrounding things is based on your line of sight. In addition, some cars cover the line of sight below, and the places that can pass will be stuck anyway. If you rub, your mood will become worse, but you can judge the position of the car body with a wiper blade, When the sprinkler on the right side of the wiper overlaps with the object on the road, the base of the vehicle can pass smoothly.

Finally, when reminding you, the wiper is also a consumable. Please pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper blade at ordinary times. If there is a problem, you must replace the wiper immediately.

After pressing the windshield washer button, the washer motor makes a running sound, but the water spray is weak or does not spray.

The fault reason is: the pipeline between the liquid storage tank and the water pump is blocked and the nozzle is blocked; Slipping between motor rotor shaft and water pump impeller; The brush spring pressure is too low, the commutator is seriously dirty, the armature coil is locally short circuited, and the water pump gland is too tight.

03 the motor works normally and the nozzle is blocked

The failure of electric scrubber is often caused by blockage of hose or nozzle.

The washing nozzles are divided into three types: round, square and flat. The single hole nozzle is arranged near the left and right wiper drive shafts, and the double hole nozzle is arranged on the center frame of the vehicle body. The mouth of the nozzle is a sphere. Insert a pin into the inner hole and use a little force to adjust the spraying direction of the washing liquid.

Maintenance shall be carried out from outside to inside, from easy to difficult.

The blockage of water spray nozzle is often due to the poor quality of glass water. It is easy to produce water alkali on the water spray nozzle, which blocks the water spray nozzle. Use a pin or clean the water spray nozzle, and then spray a few more water. Glass water should be carefully selected. Use qualified products and spray them at ordinary times to effectively prevent water alkali blockage.

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