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What we can and can't do when the wiper blades are frozen?

March 22 , 2022

Frozen windows are often a source of frustration for drivers. And there is not much time to defrost the windshield and wipers.

If we forget the wipers and turn them on, the wiper rubber may become fragile and damage.

To prevent this from happening, here are some helpful tips on how to protect your wipers from frost ahead of time and how to thaw them quickly and safely if they freeze.

1.It is better to use a de-icing spray. The rubber refill may damaged if you take off the wipers by force.

2.Do not pour hot or warm water on the windshield and icy windshield wiper blades. As the glass may break.

3.Do not use cardboard or paper to protect the windshield and wipers from frost in winter. These materials can freeze quickly because they absorb moisture well.

4.Do not turn on the windshield wipers when the wipers are still frozen, Otherwise your high quality wiper blade rubber will also be damaged. This can be helped by turning on the heating before you set off, and by slowly defrosting the windshield wipers.To prevent the nozzle from freezing, fill the washer reservoir with antifreeze.

5.To prevent the nozzle from freezing, fill the washer reservoir with antifreeze.

6.The easiest and most effective way is to protect your windshield with a winter cover, especially on cold nights. You can protect the wipers from freezing on your windshield by using a proper foil cover (also called an anti-frost pad).

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