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Can we add tap water or soapy water to car wipers?

March 22 , 2022

Some car owners think that cleaning the car front windshield is actually very simple, and add tap water or soapy water directly when the glass water is used up. Actually it is wrong.This can do a lot of harm, even if you're using good quality special windshield wiper blades.

Adding tap water to the wiper tank can easily cause scale, which corrodes the tank wall, and easily blocks the pipes and wiper nozzles. The alkaline soapy water corrodes the wiper blades and the plastic of the glass bead.

It is best to use formal glass water to better clean the windshield.

Formal glass water can quickly remove stubborn dirt, oil stains, rain stains, etc. And form a protective film on the windshield to prevent the adhesion of dust and oil stains, making the windshield wiper blade wiping performance smoother and quieter, cleaner and more comfortable, to ensures a wide and bright driving vision.

There are two types of glass water in the market mainly: non-concentrated and concentrated glass water. The non-concentrated type can be added directly. Concentrated glass water is to add concentrated liquid first, and then pour pure water into the water storage tank for dilution. Concentrated glass water is characterized by its small size, which is convenient to put in the car for backup.

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