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Are the left and right windshield wipers blade the same?

December 10 , 2021

Windshield wiper blade interchangeability

Whether the left and right windshield wipers blade are the same depends on your vehicle; Some cars have the same length of the left and right wiper blade, while others have different lengths of the left and right wiper blade.

How do I know if my windshield wiper blade are the same?

In order to determine whether the length of your rear windshield wiper is the same, we recommend that you only use a tape measure. This will give you their exact length. This is especially important if you are going to the store to buy a new blade.

Are all windshield wiper blade different?

Although some vehicles have the same Car Windshield Hybrid Wiper Blade length, there are slight differences between the left and right sides of most vehicles. This is evidenced by the fact that when purchasing new blades, most blades are marked on the driver's and passenger's sides respectively.

What is the difference between the driver's and passenger's windshield wiper blade?

Sometimes, both wipers have numbers, #1 for the driver's side and #2 for the passenger's side. Sometimes, the wiper on the driver's side is marked with a small "d" somewhere on the wiper, while there is a corresponding small "P" on the passenger's side. Some people choose to use letters. The driver's side is marked with "a" and the passenger's side is marked with (you guessed right) "B".

In addition to symbols, some theories believe that there are subtle differences in design between the two sides. One may be more curved or at different angles.

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