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December 23 , 2021

Your windscreen and wiper blades are important parts of your car that need regular and thorough maintenance. However, wiper blade maintenance is often forgotten - until you need your windscreen wipers.

Wiper blades require replacing every 6 months to a year, but through lack of maintenance, you will find that you need to replace them more often.

Without routine maintenance, you will notice that wiper blades no longer make proper contact with the surface of the windscreen - and that they also start to squeak, smear and create streaks, which affects your driving visibility. The cleaning process for wiper blades is a simple one that takes minimal time and resources. It can also give your car wiper blades a longer lifespan, reducing the amount of effort and money it takes to get them replaced. After all, a clean car is a happy car - and a happy car makes a happy driver.


Begin by lifting your wiper blades from the windscreen glass and apply a small quantity of washer fluid to a clean cloth. Using the cloth, wipe the edge of your wiper blade. Continue to wipe over the blade with the cloth until you have removed as much of the dirt off the rubber edge of the blade as possible. To make sure that your wiper blades are functioning with fluid and steady movement, also wipe down the hinged areas of the wiper blade as this will remove any dirt build up. Finish off by wiping the edge of the wiper blade with a small measure of rubbing alcohol, as this will remove any soapy excess.


Another factor that can deteriorate the quality and performance of your wiper blades is smears, bugs and leftover tar on your windscreen. When your wiper blade is dragged over these substances it damages the blade, which will lead to it needing to be replaced. Other materials such as grime, grease, wax and oil can also build up on your windscreen from normal driving usage, which will ultimately affect your visibility. You can avoid this by ensuring that your windscreen is frequently cleaned.

Begin by cleaning the outer section of your windscreen first with a soft sponge and water. Once thoroughly cleaned, wipe the glass with a microfibre cloth until completely dry. Then, spray glass cleaner over the entire windscreen and polish the screen with a dry microfibre cloth to clean the glass. Finally, for a streak-free finish, be sure to polish the glass cleaner off with paper towels. To prevent further smears and residue build up, consider applying a smear-free glass finish spray.

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