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Do You Know How to Replace Your Car Wiper Blades at Home?

March 17 , 2022

Driving on a rainy day or snowing day? Sick of seeing your wiper blades leaving streaks of water behind? Once you start noticing a lack of visibility due to bad windshield wipers, it’s time for a replacement.

Luckily, this is an easy maintenance task that you don’t need to take to the shop. Follow our windshield wiper installation guide and you will have your windshield wiper blades replaced in no time.

  • Buy the correct wiper size – different vehicles require different sizes for their car wiper blades. You can determine which size you need by consulting your owner’s manual or by measuring your old ones.
  • Remove the old blades – Simply lift the arm of the blade and depress the tab underneath. After the blade is released, pull it downwards to slide it out. Repeat for the other arm.
  • Insert the new wiper blades – Pull the wiper blade onto the arm and listen carefully for a clicking sound. After both blades are attached, lower the arms back down onto the windshield.
  • Check your work – With the wipers back on the windshield, test your wipers to make sure they are secure in the arm. If you notice issues with your wiper blades after replacing them, double check that they were inserted properly. If you are stumped and can’t figure out what the issue is, have your mechanic take a look in case there is a problem with the motor or the arm itself.

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