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Don't Use Your Blades to Clear the Ice!

March 10 , 2022

Car Wiper Blades

It may be tempting to use your Car Windshield Hybrid Wiper Blade to try and clear ice off your windshield during those cold winter months, but this has a similar effect to using your wipers to scrub dirt and bugs off your windshield—the texture can damage the blades and wear them out faster.

Ice is particularly harsh on Front Car Windscreen Metal Wiper Blades because it’s so hard, and the sharp edges and texture can cause tremendous damage to the blade.

Instead, use your defroster to warm your windshield, and then take a plastic scraper to your windshield to remove the ice by hand. It may be less convenient to do things this way, but it’s going to be far more effective. Not to mention it’s also cheaper since you’ll spare your wiper blades from excessive damage.

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