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How Do I Know What Kind of Windshield Wiper Blades I Need?

July 09 , 2021

It may seem more like a daunting task to choose suitable wiper blades, as various manufacturers have various options. Nevertheless, the best windshield wipers come designed to have more outstanding performance and seem pretty durable. Here are some types of wiper blades that you should consider.

Conventional Wiper Blade

The conventional windshield wiper blades come constructed with a rubber squeegee encased within a metal frame. Most car owners seem comfortable with their performance, even with the simple design. You can find them in most of the old cars, and they are very affordable.

Beam Wiper Blades

Have you seen wiper blades that have a curved frame? Well, those are the beam-designed types that offer the cleanest wipes. The beam wiper blades eliminate residues and streaking; hence, they are very effective. Nevertheless, they seem pretty costly, with prices that may double that of the conventional wiper blades.

Hybrid Wiper Blades

There are windshield wiper blades that have a conventional design and also have a rubber shell. Thus, they seem pretty durable and work well for various weather conditions, acting like beam blades. Although you may find them cheaper when compared to most beam blades, they are more expensive than conventional wiper blades.

What size wiper blades do I need?

When you go shopping for a new wiper blade, you are sure to find a variety of sizes in the auto shop. The size varies to match the different windshield sizes of cars. But, 22″ windshield wipers seem like the standard for most cars. Still, you need to find out the right size of your car’s wiper blades.

The car manual often holds such information, and reading through would give you the details. Again, you can measure the blades using a tape or ruler. As you visit the auto parts store, you have to provide them with this information. You use this excellent wiper blades sizes finder to help you out. You only have to supply the car’s make/model and its year.

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