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Do you want to change the car wiper? Use these two methods to judge immediately! Simple and practical

June 30 , 2021

Although the wiper is a humble accessory in the car, it is an essential thing. If there is no wiper, you can't see the road clearly in rainy and snowy weather, which is very easy to cause harm to yourself or others, so regular inspection is also very important. How to judge whether it's time to replace the Metal Wiper Blades? How to use the wiper more reasonably? Let's talk about it today.

Metal Wiper Blades

The following two phenomena can be observed to judge whether the Front Windscreen Wiper Blades is in the replacement cycle:

1. Is there fine water in use

The phenomenon of fine water refers to the cement floating on the surface after the windshield is brushed by the wiper. Generally, this phenomenon is car wax, oil stains or film attached to the windshield

On the glass, the wiper can't hang clean. When the phenomenon of fine water appears, we should consider changing the wiper.

Front Windscreen Wiper Blades

2. Is there any "click" or harsh noise when using

When we use the wiper, the "click" or noise is caused by the abrasion of the rubber strip, the damage of the arm and bracket, or the aging and deformation of the rubber strip. Although in the case of no lubrication, there will be friction sound when the wiper sweeps the glass, if the wiper still has harsh noise when it is used normally in rainy days, it means that the wiper should be replaced.

So how do we use the wiper correctly?

Car Front Windscreen Wiper Blades

1. There must be water to turn on the wiper

The Special Windshield Wiper Blades itself is very fragile. If there is something on the glass, it is easy to damage the wiper. Water can not only clean but also lubricate it. It can protect the wiper and glass, and also make the glass cleaner.

Special Windshield Wiper Blades

2. Clean up attachments in time

If the attachment is found on the wiper strip, it should be cleaned in time. Although the attachment cannot corrode the glass, the wiper will be damaged due to the contamination of these attachments.

Windscreen Wiper Blades

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