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How to choose high-quality wiper blades

September 03 , 2021

1. Soft flat wiper blade fit perfectly with the glass surface , making it more durable .

2. Choose soft natural rubber or silicone wipers for texture. Click to Wholesale Universal Windscreen Wiper Blades.

Long-term wind and sun are not easy to age and deform .

3. Natural rubber , cold and heat resistant . (Suitable for areas with frequent hot and cold alternation )


Check the Car wiper blades following three steps:

Wiper blades are often overlooked by car owners .In fact , wiper blades need to be checked regularly .So how to check the windshield wiper blade ?

Step 1: Check before driving . Spray the special wiper glass water first.Observe whether the wiper blade is stuck during operation and whether there is abnormal noise .

Step 2 : If there is an abnormal noise , it means that the distance between the wiper blade and the windshield is too close , And the distance should be adjusted or replaced .

Step 3 : After the wipers action is over , check if there is any moisture or scratches on the windshield.

If there are obvious scratches , it indicates that the wiper rubber is aging and should be replaced with new rubber in time .

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