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How to Recognize Worn Windshield Wiper blades?

September 07 , 2021

Windshield wiper blades are an important part of a car and should be replaced regularly. It is a consumable product like oil, filters or windshield washer fluid, and should be replaced at least once a year.

But there are signs that reveal wipers are wear and tear. Below are our tips for recognizing worn wipers.

Worn windshield wiper blades: miss wiping

If your car wiper blades do not properly wipe the entire surface of their passages during use, leaving uncleaned gap, their rubber blades may have worn out and lost effectiveness. This explains the decrease in cleaning efficiency during wiping.

Worn windshield wipers: make noise

When turned on, your windshield wipers will make a noise and scream, which often happens regularly. Their rubber blades will be damaged over time and temperature changes, and become harder: when they pass the windshield, your wiper will rub in some places, this is what makes squeaky wipers.

Worn windscreen wiper blades: leave streaks

If your car windshield wiper leaves streaks in the path on the windshield, these streaks are also the reason: in fact, over time, temperature changes or very simple wear, its surface cracks or tears, and the blade is no longer completely smooth.

In all the above cases, the wiper blade must be replaced to regain the best cleaning performance and avoid damaging the windshield!

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