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How to judge which swing frequency should be used when the car windshield wiper blades is used

September 18 , 2021

No matter what class of car, its windshield wiper blades will have different swing frequency gears. Different swing gears have their uses. We can choose the appropriate wiper gear according to the actual situation and habits.

1.When is the manual control of the swing frequency used?

Pull the wiper lever in your direction, the wiper water will spray out first, and then the car wiper blades will swing several times to clean. This function is suitable for use when the front windshield is dirty.

2.When is the low-speed swing frequency used?

When the rain is not too heavy and the rainwater attached to the front windshield is not dense, we can put the wiper lever in the low-speed swing position(LO or LOW)

3.When is the high-speed swing frequency used?

When the rain becomes heavy, the front windshield glass will soon be covered by rain, and the line of sight will be severely blocked. At this time, we should put the wiper in the high-speed swing position(HI or HIGH), to remove the water on the front windshield.

Xiamen So Good Auto Parts, China wiper blades factory hopes this little knowledge about wipers can let car novices clearly understand when to use what windshield wiper blades swing speed

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