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Attention car novices! How to use car windshield wiper blades

September 18 , 2021

What does the markets on the wiper lever mean?

Everyone knows the role of windshield wiper blades. When driving on rainy days, it must be inseparable from its hard work. However, there are still many new drivers who know very little about the specific functions of China windshield wiper blades, such as how to adjust the wiper blades’ frequency? How to spray the wiper water? Besides, many people are unfamiliar with the rear windshield wipers of hatchbacks, SUVs , MPVs and other car models , and have no idea how to use them. let's take a look at the various functions of car windscreen wipers .

Where is the wiper switch?

The wiper switches of most car models on sale are set on the lever on the right behind the steering wheel, and the styles are all lever type.

Of course, there will be some distinctive design exist, such as Guangzhou Automobile Fiat Viaggio, Mercedes-Benz models, the wiper switch their position is different from other models, is set on the left side of the lever.

The wiper switch of Fiat Viaggio is set on the left lever and is placed together with the turn signal switch. This design is different from the traditional design. It takes some time for car owners to get used to it...

What does the marks on the wiper lever mean?

The wiper lever is the same as the headlight lever, with many functional logos printed on it. Although the logos and logo positions of different brands are different, the functions are actually the same.

Common marks for Japanese, Korean and independent brand models

MIST: Wiper swings once

OFF: Wiper off

INT: Wiper automatic intermittent swing

LO: Wipers swing continuously at low speed

HI: Continuous high-speed swing of the wiper

Most Volkswagen models

HIGH: Continuous high-speed swing of the wiper

LOW: Wipers swing continuously at low speed

MIST: Wiper swings once

- - -: Wiper automatic intermittent swing

OFF: Wiper off

1 X: Wiper swings once

The automatic intermittent working gear of the wiper of certain models can adjust the swing frequency, so that the wiper swing frequency is different according to the speed of the car -when the wiper lever is placed in the "automatic intermittent swing" gear, the wiper will be smooth The swing frequency will be changed according to the adjusted frequency and the speed of the car. There are two main types of swing frequency adjustment mechanisms: toggle type and knob type.

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