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How to maintain the wiper blades in summer? What are the precautions?

May 19 , 2022

In summer, the temperature is high and there are many rainy days. Increased use of wipers. Although the wiper is only a small part of the car, it also needs maintenance. If the maintenance is improper, it is easy to have problems. Today I will talk about how to maintain the car wiper blades and the precautions for maintaining the wiper in summer.

1. Don't Dry Wiping

Without water, the owner cannot start the wiper. If the wiper is forced to start, the wiper rubber and motor will be damaged. When starting the wiper in a rain free environment, the water spray device should be used to achieve better cleaning effect without damaging the wiper. In order to ensure the continuous use of this function, the owner should regularly check the remaining amount of glass water.

2. Avoid High Temperature Exposure

In summer, the sun is very strong, so the owner should avoid parking the car in the sun, which will affect the windshield wiper blade, because the wiper is tightly attached to the front windshield of the car, and the high temperature will "burn" the rubber of the wiper. If there is no shade outside, you'd better stand the wiper blade up.

3. Clean the sundries on the wiper regularly

The dust and sundries on the wiper are easy to damage the wiper blade and even wear the windshield. The owner should wipe the rubber parts on the wiper regularly. When cleaning products, they can choose alkaline cleaning agent.

4. Keep away from oil

Oil pollution is also a problem for car owners. Oil stains on the windshield or wiper blade of a car will form traces and cannot be completely scraped off. Car owners should avoid oily places. If oil stains are found on the glass, wipe the wiper strip and glass with glass cleaning fluid to keep the surface clean and tidy.

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