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Is it better to add glass water to the windshield wiper blades, or tap water or mineral water?

January 06 , 2022

Today, let’s talk about the car fluids we use and see most often - car glass water. Many people think that the role of car glass water is actually just like ordinary clean water to wash car glass, so it is often overlooked.

Glass water is another name for car windshield washer fluid.

First of all, the function of glass water and its synthetic components as follows: it has the functions of cleaning, antifreeze, lubrication, and scale resistance. The main components are water, alcohol, glycol, corrosion inhibitors and other new additives.

According to the standard, it is better to add windscreen wiper water to the car, because there are many kinds of stains attached to the glass during the driving, and can be roughly divided into two types, oily dirt and solid dirt. The ingredients in the wiper water can decompose these stains well, and at the same time it can also play a role in maintaining the windshield wiper blades.

The following are the functions of glass water for your reference:

1. Cleaning function

2. Antifreeze function

3. Anti-fog function

4. Antistatic function

5. Lubrication function

6. Anti-corrosion function

Do not scrape dry, or you may replace the wiper blades soon.

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