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6 wiper blade maintenance tips

December 31 , 2021

1. The key to the good effect of the wiper is: the wiper blade rubber refill can maintain sufficient moisture.

Only with sufficient humidity can it have very good toughness to maintain the tightness of contact with the car window glass.

2. Custom windshield wiper blades, as the name suggests, are used to scrape rain, not to scrape "mud".

Therefore, the correct use of wiper blades can not only extend the service life of the hybrid wiper blades, but the key is to effectively maintain a good line of sight, which is more conducive to driving safety.

3. Get in the habit of wiping the front window with a damp cloth every morning before driving or every night when returning to the garage to collect the car.

Especially after returning from the rain, the water droplets accumulated on the front window will dry into water stains in the morning, and then join the dust absorbed in it. It is difficult to clean the front window with a wiper alone.

4. Don't rush to turn on the wiper when it rains while driving.

At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper is dry, which will only produce counterproductive effects. Mud stains on the front window are difficult to scrape off.

5. It is best to use the second gear for the wiper to wipe back and forth continuously.

Some drivers like to use intermittent mode to scrape in light rain, which is not good. Driving on the road is not only to prevent the rain from the sky, but also to prevent the muddy water splashed by the vehicle in front. In this case, the intermittent mode can easily scrape the front window into a muddy pattern, which seriously affects the line of sight.

6. When the rain stops on the road, don't rush to turn off the wiper.

The principle is the same as the above. When the front window is splashed with mud pips brought up by the car in front, and then the wiper is hurriedly turned on, it will become mud scraping.

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