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How many secrets do you know about wipers blade?

January 14 , 2022

Friends often say that the Universal wiper blade they buy are always dirty and noisy, but they should be bought at a high price. Then select the products of well-known enterprise brands. Why? This may not be the wiper blade you bought for your car. In fact, for many owners, they didn't do much homework before buying the wiper blade. Like buying the mobile phone shell, the wiper blade also chose the corresponding model.

▲ what is the harm of choosing an inappropriate wiper blade?

According to different models, the curved surface radian and length of the windshield are different. If the purchased wiper is not applicable, there will be many problems and driving safety may be affected.

1. Scraping is not clean

First of all, the first problem is that you can't shave it off immediately, especially when there are wiper blade. Because there is no special design compared with the windshield surface of your model, this wiper blade can not be more suitable for the glass surface. As a result, it can not be cleaned. Especially when it rains.

Car: it's not just a scratch. How many secrets do you know about the wiper blade?

If you just bought a wiper blade and it doesn't clean when it rains heavily, the wiper blade  you bought may not be suitable for your car. On rainy days, if the wiper blade is not cleaned, you can't see the road and the road ahead, which is equivalent to blind driving, and you will have a traffic accident.

Car: it's not just a scratch. How many secrets do you know about the wiper blade?

2 . The wiper makes a lot of noise

The wiper blade is not suitable. The wiper blade also has obvious problems of vibration and noise. This is because there is a large gap between the wiper blade and the glass surface of the microwave oven, which will produce a lot of vibration when the wiper blade works.

▲ How to select the wiper blade?

The topic of how to choose the wiper blade is simple and complicated. If you are not good at investigating the parameters of your own car wiper and choose slowly, you can directly buy a special car wiper of a well-known enterprise brand. For example, the special wiper blade for special vehicle provides a series of different wipers according to the vehicle model. When purchasing, customers can directly select their own model and year. They can easily choose their own wiper, which can be completed step by step, eliminating the cumbersome process of various parameters.

Car: it's not just a scratch. How many secrets do you know about the wiper blade?

Moreover, if you are a naughty person, please pay attention to the following two important news points.

1 . Length of wiper blade

The length of the wiper blade varies from model to model. Generally speaking, the two wipers of a car have different lengths. One length forms a pair of wipers

2 . Wiper blade interface type

At present, various enterprise brands have no unified standard for rain card buttons, and the rain card buttons adopted by different models are different. For example, Japanese models mostly use U-type snaps, and some German models use specific snaps in order to use wiper blade provided by specific suppliers. Because when we buy a wiper, in order to buy a wiper suitable for ourselves, it is necessary to find out the type of rain.

[different belt buckles are used for special vehicles and special wiper blade models]

The wiper blade looks very simple. In fact, we need to pay attention to a lot of important news when buying. Otherwise, the purchased wiper blade is not suitable for your own use, which is not just a waste of money. If you hire casually, it may also become dangerous. In fact, for many ordinary owners, they don't have much time to understand the wiper in detail. The most important thing is to buy their own wiper. The special wiper for special vehicles stands out from many competitors in the same industry and is favored by customers.

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