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Is the vibration of the wiper blade related to the wiper arm? How to do?

August 17 , 2021

windscreen wiper

Strictly speaking, the shaking phenomenon of the windscreen wiper has nothing to do with the wiper arm. The main reason is the deformation or aging of the rubber refill, which causes the surface of the wiper blade to be uneven. When the wiper blade is working on the windshield surface, there will be jitter or abnormal noise.

How to solve this problem?

1.Check and clean the wiper blade or whether there is debris under the wiper to ensure that the wiper blade is clean;

2.The wiper should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. Another thing to note is that when many car owners find that there is dust on the glass, they often only turn on the wiper to sweep away the sand. In fact, it will damage the rubber refill and car windscreen, so you might as well spray a little cleaning fluid before opening;

3.Pay attention to the maintenance of the water spray system of the car: add neutral, decontamination and lubricating cleaning agent; bad cleaning liquid will corrode the water spray system, wiper and car topcoat. Fill water in time.

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