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The principle of automatic return of the wiper blade device

August 17 , 2021

As one of the auto parts, how much do you know about windshield wipers?

1.Basic principle: The windshield wiper blade is driven by the motor. The rotary motion of the motor is converted into the reciprocating motion of the wiper arm through the linkage mechanism, so as to realize the wiper blade action. Generally, the motor can be turned on to make the wiper work. By selecting high speed and low speed, you can change the current of the motor to control the speed of the motor, and control the speed of the wiper arm.

2.Control method: The wiper of the car is driven by the wiper motor, and the potentiometer is used to control the motor speed of several gears.

3.Structure composition: The rear end of the durable wiper blade motor is equipped with a pinion gear transmission device enclosed in the same housing to reduce the output speed to the required speed. This device is often referred to as the "wiper drive assembly". The output shaft of the overall assembly is connected with the mechanical device at the end of the wiper, and the reciprocating swing of the wiper is realized through fork drive and spring return.

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