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How to change rubber refill of frameless wiper blade?

August 13 , 2021
The wiper blade should be replaced 1-2 times every year, but many people find the parts still ok in addition to this strip aging. Can we only change the rubber refill of frameless wiper blade? This is actually available.

But how to do? Below steps can provide you further information.

Before change, please note that the wiper rubber refill is not universal style, different cars rubber refill size is different, and the length of the two rubber refills on one car is different.

Step 1: Find the part of the rubber refill that can be slid, and remove the end cap. Generally, it is easy to remove, if can't, you can use juncture pliers to assist dismantles. Remember to wrap the wiper with a towel to avoid damaging the paint on the steel sheet

Step 2: After end cap removed, we can see that the ready-to-replacement rubber refill is fixed to the wiper through the metal buckle. Next, we can remove the rubber refill with the coating of these metals.

Step 3: Install the new wiper blade rubber refill as the steps just mentioned in step 2, but should pay special attention to the metal buckle of fixed rubber strips must be fixed, otherwise, the rubber strip position offset will affect the use effect.

If you are afraid to damage the whole wiper blade, you can ask local retail shop for help.

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