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Silicone or natural rubber blades which one is the longest

August 06 , 2021

Perhaps because they're hard to find, and not easily available to buy, silicone wiper blades carry a bit of mythical status.

But there's a reason silicone blades aren't supplied by most wiper blade brands and not easily available.

The reality is they aren't as durable and have a tendency to smear when compared to high-quality Premium natural rubber blades (especially those coated with graphite and embedded with Teflon).

Indeed, silicone blades are known to smear, and leave a haze across the windscreen. This is a commonly reported problem and occurs regularly enough that big wiper blade manufacturers know to avoid using silicone.

Silicone blades are also known to have issues with durability. Due to their susceptibility to temperature fluctuations, silicone blades tend to wear much faster than blades made from premium natural rubber.

Natural rubber blades are used by the majority of wiper suppliers and are what you'll find on virtually every new car and there's a reason for this. They tend to cause the least streaky, squeaking or smearing, and clear water best. Natural rubber blades are the most durable and best-performing option available.

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