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Some knowledge of car wiper

June 10 , 2021

Five reasons why the wiper is not clean

windshield wiper blade

1. Oil film on the front windshield

When there is oil film on the windshield of the car, the windscreen of the car is cleaned with special cleaning agent. So the windshield wiper blade will not scratch clean, so we must regularly clean the windshield, otherwise it is very difficult to wait until the windshield forms oil film.

2. Dirt on the glass

When washing and maintaining the car, we don't pay attention to the cleaning of the glass, then there will be some dirt and attachment on the windshield, so the glass finish will decrease.

Solution: wet the glass with water, touch it back and forth with your hand. If the glass surface is not smooth, it means there are foreign matters. As long as the glass is cleaned, it can be solved. Remember to clean the side glass of the car, so that the vision will be better.

car wiper

3. The rubber strip of the wiper is aging, hardening and even abnormal sound

The reason for abnormal noise of the general wiper is that the hardening and aging of the wiper is caused by the long use time, but some time is not long and the aging and water scraping is not clean. In winter, it is more obvious, besides the abnormal noise, it can not be cleaned. When the wiper is turned on, sharp friction sound occurs between the wiper blade and the front windshield glass. The owner can check and clean the foreign matter on the lower side of a wiper blade or the windscreen to ensure that there is no foreign matter affecting the cleaning between the wiper blade and the windshield glass.

The easiest and effective solution is to replace the new Frameless wiper blade strip directly. It is recommended that the wiper blade be replaced once in 1-2 years.

4. There is a problem with the angle of wiper rod

If the wiper is not clean due to the angle, the owner also just need to debug it.

Debugging mode: you can use the debugging wrench to clamp the wiper, then gently roll, adjust to the straight situation. If said still not, is wiper pressure is relatively large, relax spring distance can!

5. The car owner uses the wiper randomly

From time to time, use a wiper to clean the windshield and forget to spray water. This habit can cause fatal damage to the wiper. Direct contact with the glass of the wiper rubber strip may cause problems in the rubber strip and glass, which will bring economic losses to the owners.

Solution: if the windshield is not clean enough when driving, it can be treated with a wiper, but spray water and never dry wipe. Usually use the wiper to pay attention to, the wiper is better to open the cleaner while flushing one side brush, avoid the wiper dry brush, otherwise the wiper hair will shorten the life.

What about the wiper not clean?

1. Clean with professional automobile glass water

Many people only add water to water tank as glass water, so it is difficult to clean the car wiper, which will leave water marks or stains on the glass. It is recommended that you clean it with professional automobile glass water, which can easily make your car wiper cleaner.

2. Toothpaste is applied on the adhesive strip of wiper

The car wiper contacts the glass is its rubber strip, which is very easy to aging for a long time, which causes the wiper to scratch. Everyone knows that toothpaste is abrasive. We can solve the problem by applying toothpaste on the adhesive strip of the wiper and rubbing it with our hands.

new Frameless wiper blade

3. Use wiper repairer

It can make the old wiper become a new one. Usually, a pair of car wipers can be repaired about 4 times, which is equivalent to saving you 4 pairs of wiper money. It is more cost-effective than changing the wiper, so it is very practical and cost-saving.

When does the wiper need to be replaced?

Believe that many owners feel that as long as the wiper is not damaged, they don't need to be replaced; Wiper is a kind of consumable in automobile products, which is not used for life. It is generally recommended to replace all the wipers in the car from one to two years; If the effect of the wiper obviously drops, it is recommended to replace the wiper immediately. If your wiper works not smoothly in rainy days, it will be extremely likely to cause the consequences of the accident.

3 phenomena appear, and the wiper should be replaced in advance

1. After the wiper has been scraped over, there are still small water drops in the windshield

The phenomenon of fine water refers to the fact that after the wiper has been scraped over, there are still small water droplets attached to the windshield. This may be caused by the wax or oil film and the quality of the wiper itself, while the water droplets left on the windshield can easily cause blurred vision and affect the driving safety. This phenomenon is happening, we are going to be ready to replace the wiper.

2. Squeege abnormal sound

The wiper makes abnormal friction noise with glass when it is scratched. If we don't change the wiper at this time, it is likely to cause damage to the windshield, it will be a loss.

3. Leave strip marks on the windshield

Problems with the wiper may leave a strip of traces on the windshield, which may affect the driving vision. This is often due to the incomplete fit of the wiper and windshield. Of course, it is also possible that the problem of the wiper arm and other firmware causes, so we need to carefully check the wiper and prepare for replacement.

windshield wipers

Tips for wiper maintenance

1. When using a wiper to remove dust on the windshield surface on a sunny day, it is necessary to spray glass water and not dry.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun. Because the wiper materials are rubber, and the high temperature in summer will accelerate the aging of rubber products and reduce the service life, so try to find a cool place or indoor parking lot when parking in summer.

3. In winter, ice shovels should be used to clean the ice ballast on the windshield surface to avoid aggravating the burden of the wiper.

4. If you are ready to park the vehicle for a long time, you can adjust the wiper to maintenance mode, i.e. the wiper is standing up.

Protect the wiper is in ordinary time, see glass has sundries, often move hands, more two steps, do not fear trouble. If the vehicle is driven in rainy days, it is very unfavorable to the driving safety if the failure occurs without using the wiper or the wiper, and it can not work normally. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, the service life of the wiper may only be only one or two years, or even it will be broken in less than one year. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper. We rely on it when driving in rainy days

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