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Why do four-door cars have no rear wipers, while hatchbacks have rear wipers

June 10 , 2021

The wiper is a familiar auto accessory, but what about the rear windshield wiper? I don’t know if you have discovered that generally four-door cars do not have rear wipers, while most of the hatchbacks, SUVs and other models are equipped with wipers!

rear windshield wiper

The overall design of current vehicles is streamlined in order to reduce wind resistance and reduce air turbulence to the vehicle. When a vehicle is driving, the front of the car will push away the airflow, and the split airflow will go back along the car body. When driving at high speed, the space that is too late to fill will form a vacuum zone at the rear of the car. If it is a sedan or station wagon with one more suitcase, the C-pillar is more gentle, so the air can continue to go down, and the position formed by the vacuum zone will be behind the suitcase, but hatchbacks or SUVs and other models, because the C-pillar is almost upright, so a vacuum zone is formed throughout the rear of the car. After the vacuum zone is formed, it will be attractive, drawing air in all directions to fill the vacuum zone. If you are driving in a place with poor air quality or on a muddy road, it is easy to make the vacuum zone full of dirt. For models with no extra luggage compartment, the rear windshield is also in the vacuum zone, it is easy to affect the line of sight, so Car Back Wiper Blades must be installed to ensure safe driving.

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