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Why the wiper blades can't clean the windshield completely

June 04 , 2021

As the only cleaning tool of the windshield, the car wiper blades needs more care of the owners, which is an important way to ensure the safety of driving. The wiper is specially used to remove rainwater, and can not be used to remove the debris on the windshield surface. Otherwise, it can not remove the debris on the windshield, but will destroy the performance of the wiper.

We should pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the wiper and keep the rubber refill intact. Keep the wiper refill straight to ensure the water can be pushed away. If there is scratch, crack or gap on the rubber refill, there will be water streak on the windshield when wiping. All kinds of dirt on the windshield is the main cause of the damage to the rubber refill. The stains on the surface of the windshield and the sticky sand particles will make the windshield like a piece of sandpaper. When the rubber refills are rubbed back and forth on the sandpaper, it can be very harmful to the windshield and wiper blades.

Please choose the high quality windshield wiper blades when you replace them. The rubber refill should have suitable elastic to ensure smoothly slide across the windshield. It can not be too soft or  too hard, or it will affect the wiping effect.

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Keep the front windshield clean! The importance of windshield surface cleaning has been mentioned above, but someone will ask: my windshield is clear and clean, why is it still very fuzzy after scraping? This is because of the invisible layer of oil film on the surface of the windshield. Please imagine if we use oily rag to wipe the glass will have what phenomenon? The windshield cleaning is not the superficially but completely, so that the car windshield wiper can show the greatest effect.

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