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What is the difference between winter wiper blade and standard wiper blade?

October 29 , 2021

Not all wipers are designed for snow. In severe winter conditions, some standard windshield wipers will begin to show signs of defects, streaks, and malfunctions. Therefore, if you live in an area with heavy rain and freezing temperatures, it is very important to install a winter wiper blade on the windshield. But what is the difference?

Universal type car wiper blade can wipe away dust and heavy rain on the windshield more easily. However, it takes more strength to get down from heavier snow and ice. In winter, the blades have stronger tensile strength, allowing them to easily remove ice from the windshield.

Besides, these blades are also coated with an additional protective layer, wrapping the hinges to prevent snow and icing. Many car universal wiper blade do not have this function, resulting in their poor performance in the snow.

Moreover, the frame structure of the windshield wiper is more sturdy and stable in winter, and can resist deformation even after sweeping thick ice on the windshield many times. On the other hand, the traditional blade is easy to bend, because over time, the thick ice will eventually cause damage to the weak wiper lever.

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