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Which Wiper Blades Better? Frame Wiper Blade Or Beam Wiper Blade

May 21 , 2021

The wiper is the guardian of our driving in rainy days, and also the clean guard of the daily windshield. There are frame wiper blades and beam wiper blades on the market, so is it good to have frame or beam blade in the car wiper?

There are frame wipers. The principle of frame wiper is to press the wiper blade on the glass through several supporting points on the skeleton, so that the pressure of each supporting point on the wiper blade is average. In the process of use, due to the average pressure of each support point of the frame Wiper, the wear degree is also average, and the noise between the wiper blade and glass is easy to appear, and it is not easy to clean the impurities.

Beam Wiper blade

Beam wiper blade is compared with traditional wiper blade with metal support. The main difference between the two is in the working pressure: the frame Wiper blade can not bear the greater pressure. The beam wiper itself is composed of four parts: the wiper rubber strip, the steel sheet without frame Wiper, the wiper sheath and the plastic parts. The support is made of stainless steel, the steel sheet is carbon steel and the length is between 10-28 inches, the thickness is 0.80-0.90 mm, and the width is generally 7.00-14.00 mm. The steel sheet in the beam wiper uses a whole steel strip to disperse the pressure, so that the force on each part of the blade is even, so as to reduce the water mark and scratch. The outer layer of steel sheet is coated with electric coating, which makes it more rust resistant. In addition, the elasticity of the steel sheet without frame wiper is better than that of the general one, which can reduce the jittery and wear, and the characteristics of uniform force, sun proof, simple structure and lighter weight. Therefore, the life of motor and blade without frame wiper is at least twice longer than that of traditional wiper.

Beam wiper blades are generally higher than those with frame wipers. However, it is necessary for individuals to assemble them. Whether it is replaced or maintained, it is better than that with frame wipers, and it is more beautiful and atmospheric.

Frame wiper blade and beam wiper blade have their own advantages and disadvantages. I hope you can learn more when you choose.

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