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Why do my windscreen wiper blades go slow?

December 10 , 2021

When the internal mechanical parts of the wiper motor are jammed, it means that there is a problem with the wiper motor, so our windscreen wiper blades will be very slow when they are working.

So the question is, what should I do to determine if my wiper motor is really broken? The following are signs that the wiper motor has been damaged, for your reference:

1.The windshield wipers are not working at all.

2.The wiper blade only runs at a single speed.

3.The running speed of the windscreen wiper is obviously slower than usual.

4.The wiper will not stop at the designated position, and it stop suddenly without returning to the "rest" point.

5.An abnormality occurs when the wiper is working.

Besides, why doesn't the windshield wiper move when it is working? This also may be because the windshield wiper fuse is blown. If the wiper motor fuse is burned out, please check if there are any obstacles that may cause the motor to overload. In the mean time, heavy snow on the wiper blade or the wiper blade or the arm being caught or hooked by something can cause the fuse to blow. Please clear the obstruction and replace the fuse.

If the fuse is intact and undamaged, the wiper lever, wiper/washer switch, or access wiring will become the main reason for the wiper operation. If you are convenient to use tools and have a certain understanding of DC electrical systems, you may need to check the power and grounding of the wiper/washer switch. If you are not used to doing this or are dealing with wiper levers, you should take your vehicle to your mechanic to further diagnose the wiper lever and related circuits.

Finally, how do we reset our windshield wiper blades? Resetting the wiper blades means that we have to remove the wiper rod and manually place the wiper blade in the correct position.

1.Remove the plastic cover between the car hood and the windshield. The wiper motor and the wiper arm are hidden under the plastic cover.

2. Use a socket wrench to remove the nut located in the center of the wiper motor.

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