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Why the windshield wiper blade is black and can't be made transparent

November 12 , 2021

First of all, when the wiper is working, what we can see with the naked eye is mainly the wiper arm and the wiper blade.

custom windshield wipers

So we make the following assumptions:

1.Assuming that the car wiper blade is transparent:

the required raw materials also need to be guaranteed to age under long-term sunlight and rain, the transparency is always the same, and wear-resistant, then you can imagine that the transparent wiper blade is definitely not cheap.

2.Assuming that the wiper arm is transparent:

This means that we cannot use metal as the wiper arm. Should we use plastic or glass as the raw material? The strength of ordinary materials is not enough, and the cost is too high if the strength needs to be achieved. Would you risk using ordinary plastic or glass wiper arms?

3.Assuming that the material cost has been resolved:

Make the "wiper blade" and "wiper arm" transparent, then we have to consider the problem of light refraction. When the sun is shining down, there will be reflections, which will affect driving safety. This is not a trivial matter. Can you make sure that every driver wears a polarized lens to drive?

Any way, I really think this is a very interesting problem, and I look forward to future scientific and technological research and development to solve the above problems and make transparent windscreen wiper blade a reality.

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