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Why Do Windshield Wiper Blades Deteriorate Quickly

November 12 , 2021

Do you often find that the wiper blades on the car have been damaged unknowingly when you need to use the wiper blades, and then start to think why? The following are some factors that will damage the blade and make it brittle and need to be replaced as soon as possible:

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1.Seasonal Weather

During a heat wave, your windshield wipers are usually exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, causing them to damage more quickly. In winter, cold currents can cause the same degree of damage due to the expansion of water into ice.


When the weather is very hot and you know that you will not go anywhere for a while, try to park your car in a cool place or use a windshield cover whenever possible.

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2.Sap/pollen and pollutants

When sap, seeds, bird droppings, fallen leaves, and dust begin to fall on the windshield, parking under a tree can make car owners frustrated. This may gather under the blades and cause damage to the rubber or silicone, opening them can cause streaks and even more damage.


Before setting off, check whether there is dust or foreign objects around the car wiper blades, such as leaves, branches or seeds, and remove them. Using a clean rag and adding vinegar can not only clean the blade, but also eliminate streaks. Pour excess vinegar on the windshield and open the wiper blade to get a clear view.

If vinegar doesn't work, try the lemon-assisted citrus cleaner. Its formula is designed to remove dead insects and dirt while keeping it clean and fresh (unlike vinegar).

A good way to prevent debris from falling on the windshield is to cover your vehicle at night or before the onset of high winds.

Pollen and tree sap can also cause damage, so it is best to clean it with a mixture of water and vinegar (50/50), then spray and wipe it, and then use a wiper.

Visibility is the foundation of safe driving. Although drivers only us the car wiper blades to remove rain, sleet, and snow, and many people wait to replace them when they are needed most. Please remember to maintain the windscreen wiper blades regularly to maximize visibility, efficiency, and reliability. Don't wait until winter comes or suddenly need to use wiper blades to find that the wiper is damaged.

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