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Basic information about car wiper blades you should know

September 28 , 2021

What sizes of wiper blades are most common?

The sizes of wiper blades are different, as there are varying windshield sizes of erratic vehicles. However, some cars have standard frame wipers sizes between 20 inches to 22 inches, and others between 10 inches and 30 inches.

Still, the kit is crucial to know the worn wiper blade’s size to help you get a suitable replacement. You can check your car manual to get the information of your car’s model, year, and make. With that, auto stores can get you the right match.

How many windshield wiper types are there in stores?

You can find three main types of windshield wipers in auto part shop. These options include the conventional wipers, beam blades, and hybrid wiper blades. Although they stick to the significant task of wiping off dirt from the windshield, they have some slight differences. The conventional types of wiper blades are often found on the windscreen of old cars.

They seem pretty practical and very affordable. However, a more practical option is the beam type, which comes slightly curved. With the beam wiper blades being more expensive, folks can go for the hybrid version that works better than the frame wiper blades. They also have some features of the beam wiper blades.

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