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How to use the rear wiper blades? What are the functions?

October 08 , 2021

Hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and other vehicles that do not have a prominent tail box design need to be equipped with rear wiper blades, because these car models are affected by the rear spoiler, and the rear windshield is easily soiled by the rolled up sewage or sand.

So, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and other car models need to be equipped with rear wipers, and the rear windshield glass should be cleaned at any time to ensure a clear view directly behind.

The rear wiper switch is also set on the wiper lever, and the front wiper mechanism is two independent systems, which can be controlled separately. There are two styles of rear wiper switch, namely toggle type and knob type.

1.Toggle rear wiper switch: Pull the wiper lever forward to start the rear wiper, which is different from the way the front wiper switch is moved up and down.

2.Knob type rear wiper switch: Turn the rear wiper switch knob lever forward to start the rear wiper

Compared with the front windshield wiper blade, the function of the rear wiper is much simpler, with only a single oscillation frequency and water spray function

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