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Do you know the working efficiency of windshield wiper blades?

February 14 , 2022

The working range of the current car wiper blade is divided into 500,000 times and 250,000 times of slow speed. If it is calculated according to the usual car usage scenarios: fast 1 second/time, slow speed 3 seconds/time, and average speed 2 seconds/time, according to the experimental requirements, a wiper strip can work for 250,000 seconds, a total of about 4200 minutes , a total of 60 hours, and now, especially in rainy days, you must make "preliminary preparations".

Some drivers are usually busy, and they do not add wiper water in time when the wiper water is gone, and dry wipe with wiper blades, which not only does not wipe cleanly, but also damages the rubber refills. You can buy wiper water easily, in auto parts city, gas station, supermarket, remember to add it in time;

Besides, some drivers think that the windscreen wiper blade is too short and the scraping area is too small, so they have replaced the wiper with a larger size. Although the scraping area is larger and the field of vision is better, it also has disadvantages: The extended wiper strip may hit the A-pillar or the engine compartment cover, causing resonance and abnormal noise.

Take good care of your wipers to ensure their working life

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