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Conventional intermittent wipers and sensor automatic wipers, do you know the difference?

January 26 , 2022

Divided from the working method of the wiper, the wiper is divided into two types, one is the traditional intermittent type, and the other is the induction automatic wiper.


The traditional intermittent wipers is adjusted by the driver according to the rain and the line of sight. The difference with the wipers installed on other ordinary cars is that it can automatically raise and lower the wiper speed according to changes in vehicle speed.


Because in the same amount of rain, the faster the speed of the car, the more rain on the face, and if you stop, the deceleration of the wiper will reduce the noise.


Another type of wiper is an inductive automatic wiper, which is mostly used in high-end cars in China. It automatically adjusts the speed of the wipers by sensing the amount of rain.


The working principle of the rain sensor is that the light-emitting diode emits a beam of light to the car front windshield, and the amount of rain on the glass can be automatically judged by the intensity of the beam reflected by the scattering phenomenon of the light running between the glass and the raindrops. If water droplets are sensed, the wipers will start to move, and the speed of the wipers will be automatically adjusted according to the amount of rain at that time, so that the driver does not need to use his own brain, which is convenient and safe.


With the advancement of technology, more and more models are equipped with rain-sensing automatic windshield wiper blades. This new type of wiper can greatly improve the convenience and safety of driving in rainy days. It was originally only equipped on high-end cars, and is developing from high-end cars to mid-range cars.

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