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How to replace our universal beam wiper blades?

February 14 , 2022

As we know, windscreen wiper blade is an indispensable part in rainy weather. Without wipers, the windshield will be covered by rain quickly, the road conditions cannot be seen clearly, and the car cannot continue driving. So how do we change the wipers without sacrificing the windshield?

One picture can teach you, that you can easily replace the wiper blades at home without going to the auto repair shop!

windscreen wiper blade

Beam wiper blade

Steps(As shown in below picture):

1. Pull up the wiper arm of your car as shown in the picture;

2. Hook the U hook into the wiper adapter;

3. Move the wiper in the direction of the arrow;

4. Clamp the wiper arm into the adapter’s tenon, If the wiper is not stuck, please follow step 3 and pull the wiper upward in the direction of the arrow;

5. Take out the wiper protection

6. Finished !


After installation, you can try the efficiency of the windshield wiper blade. Before cleaning, you must spray the glass with water. If you do not spray it, dry scraping will wear the wiper blade and windshield, and also damage the motor. If you are not capable of hands-on People, you go to the car wash shop to wash the car and let a professional change it.

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