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Do you know what is the function of rear wiper blade?

August 13 , 2021

Many people know that the position of the front windshield has a wiper, used to scrape the rain and clean the windshield. But in fact, there is also a wiper on the rear windshield, but because the location is remote, it is easy to be forgotten. Compared with the clean and bright front windshield, the rear windshield and the wiper above the wiper, most are dirty and even accumulated dust.

Rear wiper blades

The appearance of wipers is to ensure the cleanliness of the windshield and to ensure that the driver has a clear line of sight. Unlike the front wiper which mainly washes rainwater, the Auto Car Back Window Wiper Blade is more for washing muddy water.

Auto Car Back Window Wiper

When the car is driving, the mud spots rolled up by the wheels are splashed on the rear windshield, or the dust on the roof is carried by the rain and falls on the glass. In order not to obstruct the driver's rear vision, rear wiper blades are needed to scrub.

Only hatchbacks will be equipped with wipers on the rear windshield, sedan does not have this equipment. This is because the structure of the hatchback is different from that of the sedan.

The Multifunctional rear windshield wiper blade has a great effect. When the car is driving or reversing, the lack of good rear sight is a big problem. However, compared to the rear part of the sedan with smooth lines and distinct areas, the rear wiper on the hatchback door is a bit awkward and redundant. In addition, the black lacquer standard shape of the wiper is not good visually.

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