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How to check the wiper blade of your car?

March 10 , 2022

How to check the wiper blade of your car?

1.Check whether you need new wiper blades. Your wiper blades may have a layer of dirt on them which could be smeared on the windscreen when using them.

new wiper blades

2.Remove this dirt with a clean cloth and then glass cleaner should be used on the blades and also applied to the windscreen to stop the wipers from getting dirty so quickly.

3.The pad on the Car Windscreen Metal Wiper Blades may have deteriorated, which can create smears on your windscreen.

4.To check the blade, put your wipes in the service position - make sure to check your handbook for accurate instructions.

5.To check each blade, lift off from the windscreen and check whether the rubber is fully attached to the wiper blade.

6. If the rubber is loose in any place it will need changing. Remove the old blade, which on most models can be achieved by removing the Multi Fit Windscreen Wiper Blade from a hook and sliding it off.

7.To put on a new blade, slide the blade onto the hook and secure in place.

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