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Replace the wiper rubber refill by yourself. It’s fun and save money

January 14 , 2022

First, remove the original wiper rubber refill, and then reinstall it according to the disassembly steps. First pull up the wiper arm, then open the clip on the  side of the wiper blade, look at the picture, hold the hat and open it with a little force.

hold the firm place in the middle of the wiper blade with one hand and push down along the wiper arm, and the wiper arm and durable wiper blade will separate

In this way, the wiper blade can be removed from the wiper arm and remember to keep your hands steady, otherwise you will touch the car glass.

Both wiper blade are disassembled according to the method just now. It can be seen that the wiper rubber refill and the wiper blade are connected through the card slot. As long as the wiper rubber refill is taken out of the card slot, but first find the fixed point of the card slot, which is generally at the lower end of the wiper blade

Carefully find the fixed place of the card slot, squeeze both sides with your fingernails, lift it up and come out

Take out the rubber refill, and then take out the iron sheet inside. There are adhesive rubber refill on both sides.

Install a new rubber refill on the iron sheet. Note that the fixed point of the clamping slot is at the bottom. Put the rubber refill into the wiper blade. The installation sequence is to reverse the disassembly sequence.

After the rubber refill is installed, install the wiper arm. Pay attention to fix this clip, which is the clip touched by my index finger.

Try it, no sound, very clean, no water marks. very nice

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