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How to Avoid Five Major Mistakes of Rain and Snow Weather Car Maintenance?

November 24 , 2021

The frequent rain and snow weather in winter makes it a problem that car owners must face in the snowy days. Some car owners think that the window icing is poured with hot water, and the deicing is the fastest; some car owners think that the snow chain can be installed on any wheel; some owners do not ask the car after snow. As a result, these improper handling methods have caused light or heavy damage to the car. Let me take a look at the rain and snow days of maintenance misunderstanding !

Misunderstanding 1: The window is frozen and the water is poured .

Solution: To de-ice, you can start the engine first, turn on the warm air in the car, and use the car glass special snow shovel to slowly remove the ice from the ice gap. Car wash method: Start the car to open the heater system on the car, and then clean the car with warm water. After rinsing, the door should be opened to dry the water to prevent the residual water from freezing at the joint. If the window is frozen, do not force the switch, especially the power window .

Misunderstanding 2: Do not wash your car in time after snow

Solution:  If it is predicted that it will snow in the evening and you have to park the vehicle outdoors, you can prepare newspapers or plastic film to cover the car body, or even prepare a car suit in advance. In this way, as long as the newspaper is gently exposed, the ice and snow are all shaken off, and there is no trace of ice and snow on the vehicle, so there is no need to wash the car frequently .

Misunderstanding 3: Rain and snow tighten the handbrake at night

Solution:  After the rain and snow, there will be snow on the brake discs. If the brakes are applied at night, the discs may be frozen the next morning. If the owner of the car parks for a long time in the rainy and snowy night, it is best to park the car on the flat road, hang the car in the gear, and find the support to fix the vehicle, so as to avoid the brake disc being frozen .

Misunderstanding 4: Snow chains can be casually loaded

Solution:  First make sure your car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, because the chain must be mounted on the main set of tires. In particular, the automatic transmission should pay attention to the fact that the two front wheels (rear wheels) are equipped with snow chains at the same time. Do not use the snow chains on only one wheel, which can easily damage the automatic transmission gearbox. In addition, the snow chains are also limited in size, suitable for different wheel sizes and tire widths, and the choice of snow chains that match the size of the wheel. After installing the snow chains, the driving speed should not exceed 50 kilometers per hour. When driving, avoid sudden braking, rapid advancement, sharp turns and continuous idling. When driving on non-ice roads, avoid walking on the material with good edge and dry road with poor driving. When the vehicle enters the road without the use of snow chains, it should be removed in time .

Misunderstanding 5: Wiper freezes hard start

Solution:  Before using the Universal wiper blade in cold winter weather, first check if the scraper is frozen on the window. If you go out early in the morning and find that the wiper blade is covered with snow water or stuck to the windshield due to frost, do not wash it directly with hot water. This will easily cause the window to burst due to temperature changes and the wiper deformed. The correct method is to open the air conditioner to the hot air, and the air blowing mode is rotated to the “windshield” block. After a while, the wiper will naturally open. It is easy and labor-saving, and it will not cause physical damage to the wiper blades. In addition, when the snow is snowing for a long time, the rain brush is set up to prevent the wiper from freezing .

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