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What are the common flaws of the wiper blades?

November 24 , 2021

There are five common flaws of wiper blades and it’s the reason causes as below:

1.One, ribbon:

1) wiper arm pressure is not enough;

2) the wiper part of the connection rivet too tight;

3) improper installation.

2.Blur and stripes:

1) improper installation;

2) the tape has been worn;

3) rubber in the shrapnel deformation;

4) the surface of the tape dirt or glass surface dirt.

3.Fine water bead:

1) the glass surface sticky asphalt or debris;

2) the tape itself due to deformation of the strip.

4.Kata sound or other noise:

1) the connection part of the wiper rivet too tight;

2) the glass surface dirt;

3) rubber strip wear;

4) wiper arm damage;

5) strip deformation or wiper overall design is unreasonable;

6) wiper and wiper arm installation angle is not appropriate or wiper arm and accessories do not fit.

5.Mist (a layer of oil-like film with the wiper action distributed in the windshield):

1) glass or tape surface dirt;

2) strip wear;

3) rubber in the shrapnel deformation;

4) the wiper arm pressure is too large or the installation angle is wrong.

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