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How to Remove and Install Windshield Wiper Blades?

September 08 , 2021

The windshield wiper blade is a very important part of your vehicle. You may not consider how much important they are, but indeed essential when you want a smooth driving experience.

Many people just ask their mechanic to replace the car wiper blades for them when changing the oil. However, if you want to maintain the car wiper blades yourself, you can definitely do it.

Remove the old wiper blades

First, you need to lift the windscreen wiper blade from the windshield to prevent it from hitting the windshield when removing it.

Next, you need to check where the rubber part of the wiper blade is connected to the arm. You may notice a plastic stopper that holds things in place. Press the stopper to release the wiper blade, and then gently twist or pull the wiper blade off the arm. The wiper blade may also have a pin instead of a hook to hold it in place, but the process is similar in both cases.

How to install wiper blades

You can slide the new wiper arm directly into the position of the old one. When installing the new wiper blade into the position on the hook, please be as gentle as possible.

After this is done, you can put the wiper blade back on the windshield. Now you just need to do the same thing for the other side. As long as you make sure that the correct dimensions are used on each side, everything will go smoothly.

Some vehicles have different sizes on each side of the windshield wiper blade. Please keep this in mind and follow the instructions to replace the wiper. If the size of the wiper on each side is different, it should be marked correctly.

In addition, it should be easy to distinguish which wiper is used on the driver's side and which is used on the passenger side. As long as you pay attention, you should not encounter any problems during this installation. It is very simple to do, and you no longer have to spend money to ask a mechanic to do this for you.

If you have any other questions, please consult us free. As a professional China windshield wipers supplier, we will give you detailed operating instructions!

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