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How to turn on the water spray of Mercedes Benz windshield wiper and how to turn on the water spray of Mercedes Benz windshield wiper

October 22 , 2021

Reading guide

1.The water jet of Mercedes Benz windshield wiper is generally at the windshield. The water spray switch is integrated on the steering light dial on the left side of the steering wheel. Move the button to turn on the wiper for water spraying.

2.The rubber wiper strip shall be kept moist enough.

3.Using the wiper correctly can prolong the service life of the wiper and is more advantageous

4.Wipe the windshield with a damp cloth before driving

How does Benz turn on the wiper spray

General Mercedes Benz models have a button at the top of the dial on the left of the steering wheel. Press this button to spray water. The design of some Mercedes Benz cars is different from that of other cars. Some models of Mercedes Benz adopt the wide gear design. This Mercedes Benz car has a shift lever on the right side of the steering wheel.

How to turn on the wiper spray

Most of the wiper spray buttons are on the dial on the right side behind the steering wheel. The style is mostly paddle type. Just push the switch handle up or pull down the windshield wiper to spray glass water. At the same time, if the windshield wiper is often used, pay attention to the glass water level and add it in time to avoid drying the windshield wiper

How to turn on the Mercedes Benz wiper spray?

Opening method of Benz wiper spray:

Press the button on the integrated switch to spray water. If it is often used, the owner needs to pay more attention to check - the water level of the lower glass water. If the water level is too low, pay attention to adding it in time. Don't let the windshield wiper blades dry. When I feel that the transparency of the front windshield is poor, especially when driving at night, the dust on the glass will scatter light. At this time, I need to spray glass water to keep the front windshield in a good transparent state. Mercedes Benz is a German automobile brand famous for luxury and high performance, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes Benz R350 is a commercial vehicle under Mercedes Benz, with length, width and height of 5157mm, 1922mm and 1661mm respectively, and wheelbase of 3215mm. The vehicle is equipped with an engine of m272ke35, with a maximum power of 200kW and a maximum torque of 350nm.

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